Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Nairn Book and Arts Festival information 2014 goes live today

Not up yet but at sometime this morning the Festival Programme will be launched here.  A considerable amount of information is available in the Nairnshire Telegraph already and if you can't get yourself a hard copy of that you could try the Forres Gazette website that carries a similar round-up of the Festival here.

The festival takes place from the 2-7th of September but the organisers tend to have a launch at this time of year. Last night local book and arts worthies could be seen heading up the High Street to the Courthouse once again to set things in motion. Images of last year's launch event here. 


Anonymous said...

The response from anon at 2:43 pm is from exactly the type of person that is dragging down this town. The NB&AF is exactly what we need each year (and more).

Anonymous said...

this anonymous agrees with the previous anonymous

dr-grigor said...

This anonymous totally agrees with the last two Anonymous'sss, im not a particular fan of books etc but even I find the programme to be wide and varied with something for everyone ! the 1st Anon sounds pretty tired so should perhaps should just go back to bed !

dragging down the town said...

@anon 8:03

The Nairn book and arts festival is not to everyone’s taste, only a minority of the population will attend an event

I’m a prolific reader but I have no desire to hug an author in the flesh, nor hear a TV personality speak. I enjoy music but there’s nothing on this year’s program that I fancy parting with my cash to hear.

Does this mean I’m ‘dragging down this town’ I would suggest not, that is just an ignorant remark on your behalf

Nairn doesn’t need more book and art festivals as you suggest, but it does have an appetite for a whole range of events. Many of us lament the passing of Ken Rammage’s Jazz Festival, and there have been other notable events in the past as well

What we do need to get away from is small mindedness and elitism and try and put on varied events that will attract factions from the whole community in Nairn

Michael Green has recently had a great success with his comedy club that I hope he continues

As for this year’s book and arts festival, excuse me whilst I yawn

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that Nairn sailing club has another open day this year. My kids love it and we usually get out on a boat and all for the cost of a donation. Just wish it would grow into how the harbour festival once was as everyone enjoyed that and it was great for the town

I'm with the yawns for the book and arts event, costs to much as well

Anonymous said...

How much public money if any does this festival get?