Saturday, June 21, 2014

Overhanging hedges on pavements – “West End is a disgrace” claims community councillor

At the recent meeting of River CC Cllr Colin MacAulay put out an appeal for residents to cut any overgrown hedges. He stated:

“It is that time of year where whoever’s got a hedge and wherever is overhanging, it is a good time to get the shears out and stop it being an inconvenience to other people. It doesn’t matter where, if it’s overhanging a pavement, you’ve got people in a wheelchair; you’ve got double buggies and whatever else. People should just get on and cut their hedges, it would be good.”

Fred Holmes then said: “Can I just say I’ve been on to the Council about that. I’ve put in e-mails – I’ve put in two letters, sorry and I’ve put in e-mails now and photographs of some really bad ones and I’ve a letter dated 20th of May saying “we’re looking into this thank you for bringing it to our attention.” And looking there I’ve seen one or two specific areas I’ve mentioned, they’ve cut about two inches off the thing and that’s it.”

The River Community Councillor went further and identified a part of town where he thinks the problem is very bad, he continued: “And can I say now, and I’ll state quite clearly, that West End is a disgrace with overhanging branches, vegetation over the footpaths. The whole area is a disgrace.”

“Which bit?” Asked Colin. 

“The whole of the West End, Thurlow Road, Manse Road and Seabank Road, “was the response for Cllr Holmes.


Anonymous said...

The main road foot path along by newton gate is also pretty bad & some of the path ways in achareidh need looked at also

Anonymous said...

you better get the cutters up to the west end pronto--you have to keep the west end tidy or it all falls apart.

Daily Mail said...

One just cannot get one's gardener anymore

Disgraceful state of affairs, do none of the underclass wish to work for buttons anymore?

I blame this new fangled welfare state

Yours etc...

topiarist said...

The members of River CC wouldn't just be looking for opportunities to snipe at the West End folks, would they? Surely not!

Perhaps they really do care about what happens outside their "patch"? Excellent!

Maybe they should be a little more willing to back the formation of a single CC for the whole town? If they joined such a unified CC they would then at least be entitled to offer views on what happens elsewhere in Nairn, and their comments would have a bit more credibility.

Anonymous said...

Yes why are River CC holding Nairn back?