Saturday, June 07, 2014

Danny Claims "very strong support" for Better Together in Nairn

Better Together campaigners once again prefer the pitch outside the Courthouse. The Yes campaign tend to set up on the Leopold Street corner when they appear. There is a school of thought that it is busier up there. Perhaps Danny would have been better down the beach today if looking for customers? Referendum refreshments and ice creams anyone?


Anonymous said...

If that's what Danny calls 'strong' wouldn't like to see what poor support looks like

Graisg said...

Berenke, have you got a source for the first thing you say Danny claimed?

Graisg said...

got a link then please?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how he has the gall to stand on Nairn High St. The photo of him smiling whilst opening a food bank in Inverness with live with me forever

He seems proud of what he's brought to the people of the Highlands whilst he's been in power, and unless we vote Yes we'll get more cuts, more poverty, and the same old political system

Berenke said...

Do I need one in order to comment on this thread? Google Police numbers, Guardian 2014 and read it there.

Anonymous said...

No comment about support, if any, for Danny himself? I wonder why?

Graisg said...

Berneke, if you want us to publish your comment then please give us more detail, we don't have time to research everything ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Most people won't vote yes because they know Salmonds promises are empty dreams. He'll end up ruining Scotland so much even the Greeks will pity us.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said, and also wholeheartedly with Andy Murrays comments today of the the most embarrassing things I've ever seen was Salmond holding up the scottish flag behind Cameron at the wimbledon final last year, that was pathetic. He takes us all down to his level.
All the people in Scotland who want out of Europe will never vote for him.

Yes for a reason said...

I'll be voting Yes but not because I support the SNP or Mr Salmond but because I want us to be in charge of our country

It's a real shame that out of all our newspapers there is but one that supports independence and even it has been a recent convert, The Sunday Herald.

The BBC has been accused of bias so it's really hard for folk to obtain the 'facts' if they're dependent on the main stream media

There are just too many bad reasons Westminster want Scotland to remain part of the UK, the great majority because the UK is better off with Scotland being part of it, not because Scotland is better off being part of the UK

Sorry to read that some people are unable to have a reasonable discussion about the issue, not surprising seeing the way in which the main stream media allows debates to happen

If the majority do vote no then it'll maybe mean we are too wee, too feart, too stupid to stand on our own two feet and I hope folk are ready for all the vitriol that Westminster pours over Scotland for daring to want a referendum

Well done to the Gurn for organising a very civilised debate, I hope others will follow as its what we all need to make an informed decision

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.00am: Where on earth do you get your figures from?!

Anonymous said...

Says it all. Danny is about to become political history

Anonymous said...

£25 billion austerity cuts to come yet

Just never be old, sick, disabled, in need of care, unemployed or homeless.

Happy to work part time on a zero hour contract, work until you drop dead as the pension age rises. Watch the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Think about what a great society we live in. Labour in Tories out, Tories out Ukip in, oh what fun Westminster is, and we'll still be giving them our oil, out taxes, our money

Aye, we're better together

Anonymous said...

Some people are so ignorant to say they are voting no because they dont like salmond or the snp. For god sake waken up. This is about scotland as an independant country. Political parties come and go depending on who gets the most votes. If scotland gets her freedom it does not mean snp will be in charge forever. As for danny. Alexander he is nothing more than a tory puppet who has destroyed his own political career. Voters did not vote for him to behave the way he has, nothing more than a traitor.

Anonymous said...

If Scotland becomes independent we will have--- no say in getting out of Europe ---no defences---no currency maybe, and if we do keep the pound, our mortgage rates will still have to be set by the Bank of England, if we have the euro they will be set by Europe. No win situation.
How can we say people are ignorant not to vote for independence, Salmond is in now and I don 't trust him to go any time soon, even if he got voted out, he would have some twisted way of saying that we are all wrong and he is the only one who is right!!!

Reasons for yes vote said...

@Anon 8:04

When Scotland becomes independent you will still have a say as to whether or not we remain in the EU as there will still no-doubt be political parties in Scotland post Independence who will have an anti Europe stance and you will be able to vote for them. Unlike the current out dated Westminster system the Scottish parliament supports proportional representation so there is much more likelihood of minority parties having a say and a seat in Scotland’s parliament e.g. Ukip

We will have our own defence system and might well be a part of NATO

The current suggestion from the Scottish government is that we keep the pound, and yes the Bank of England would set interest rates but that’s no different from what happens now. In the long term I would suggest that Scotland would look towards having it’s own currency

I’m not voting yes because I like Mr Salmond or the SNP. I want a fairer Scotland, hopefully with a socialist slant that looks after it’s people. We’ve had the worst welfare cuts in living memory with the likes of a food bank in Nairn, the bedroom tax and a host of other cuts that affect the poor. Meanwhile we’ve seen wages rise in the SE of England but Scotland is seeing very little of that prosperity and never will

There is every chance that the next Westminster government might be a Tory/Ukip alliance. I really don’t want such a government running Scotland, do you?

Lastly there are many countries that have successfully become independent and have prospered. I take it in light of his recent remarks that President Obama will no longer be celebrating the 4th July! The USA is one such country

Anonymous said...

What will be our own defences?

No to Trident said...

Whatever our military might be post independence one thing is for sure, it won't include US nuclear submarines and warheads

Currently we're more at risk of a nuclear accident that would make a great part of Scotland uninhabitable for many thousands of years than any nuclear attack from a foreign power

Is this what we really want in Scotland?

Anonymous said...

A lot of the comments from No voters (not just here) seem to be based on the scaremoungering from Better Together.

1. We'll NOT be kicked out of Europe, forcing all of Scots abroad to have to come back, demolishing agreed treaties with other countries (Norway with fishing for example), and THEN re-apply and get back in. What's the point of all this needless work of exiting and entering again? Think of the cost, the bureaucracy involved. We conform to everything the EU asks us to, getting membership is pretty much a formality. The confusion is there is no actual guidelines on EU membership from a newly independent country but common sense will prevail.

2. Our defence will be based on what is required for a country of our size. It'll mean more of a naval presence than we currently have, and less of the warships and troops that have gone to battle in illegal wars.

3. A currency union isn't actually required. SNP said that experts told them it was the best for Scotland and rUK. They are working on that basis. If we don't get a currency union we could create our own pound (which we already have!) our use the English pound. The currency we use isn't a massive issue.


I've no problem with people voting No, I just want them to have all the facts (and not Goverment spin) before going to cast their vote.

For more myths exposed, visit

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile we’ve seen wages rise in the SE of England but Scotland is seeing very little of that prosperity and never will"

What complete rubbish, I earn more in Aberdeen than when based in Brighton...complete and utter tosh...go and commute 2 hrs to Aberdeen each way, every day, that’s what I have to do!

I'm also disgusted at the anti UK slander, I was British Forces and damn proud to have served alongside Welsh, English, N Irish and Scots.

What you put into your life you get back!

Proud to be BRITISH

Anonymous said...

Can you not bother publishing my post before this one (awaiting moderation)


Graisg said...

@anon 11.53 sometimes we do not publish comments.

Anonymous said...

What about the people in scotland who do want out of Europe and don' t think that handing our country over to the hundreds of thousand immigrants is a fine idea.
SNP say we need many many more immigrants to support health care, pensions etc. That should never be allowed or we will end up like England, not enough houses or infrastructure, that's why they are turning to UKIP.
And a little place like Nairn would need to have quite a few Nairn Souths built around it then, plus schools, and what about getting an appointment at the clinic .
I won't see these things in my day but our children and grandchildren will.
By the way not everyone who has a different opinion from SNP ,is influenced by scaremongering,
intelligent people they can suss out what is truth and what is rubbish . Facts are there to see, to deny them is foolish.

Graisg said...

What is interesting in this debate is how facts can sometimes become embellished into generalities perhaps with a bit of media spin.
For example I think it fair to say that the SNP have indicated they are not against further migration into Scotland but have they said anywhere that Scotland needs "many many more immigrants" as the last anonymous post suggests? There was a headline in a national newspaper that suggested that SNP policy would mean this - not quite the same thing.
It would perhaps be very helpful to this debate if a reference for such statements could be quoted in this instance and any others that crop up. Sourced material is much better for helping those undecided which way to vote to make their minds up.

Anonymous said...

What is appalling in this debate is the media coverage making source material pretty useless in many instances as the facts are often twisted and distorted, or just plain lies. We have just one newspaper that is now on the Yes side, the Sunday Herald. This is hardly a balance no matter who you support, or if you're still undecided

If you don't have access to the internet then you're pretty screwed for getting anything other than pro unionist information and even then you have to know where to look. Hardly a fair debate, I wonder how support for the two camps would alter if more people had access to information from both sides?

The Gurn debate at the CC might not have answered everyone's questions but at least the speakers were coherent and pleasant to each other. We need more of this type of debate, any chance of hosting another one Mr Gurnmeister?

Anonymous said...

Population growth is essential for Scotland's economy, the main contributor to our population growth is from migrants
Who want to live in Scotland.
White paper page 493.

Anonymous said...

I looked you are right. 5.37pm

Anonymous said...

Is the Gurn going to declare an allegiance to Better Together of the Yes camp?

Graisg said...

The Gurn will continue to report/publish any material connected with the referendum locally. If it happens in Nairnshire then we are interested.
At some point the Gurnmeister may say something about which way he will vote in September (should anyone have the slightest interest in that) but we will not campaign for either side - our aim is to stimulate debate locally.

Richard H said...

Dave Murchison – you are completely wrong. Obviously you have gained you “facts” from the myth creating wingsoverscotland web page.
1. Scotland will not be kicked out of the EU but will remove ourselves from an EU member state in the event of a Yes vote and therefore remove ourselves from the EU and have to re-apply. Demolishing treaties, needless bureaucracy will all be a result of Scotland removing ourselves from these treaties as they currently exist between the UK and various other parties, again, not Scotland. We do not conform to the EU membership requirements as we currently benefit from opt-outs which the UK has negotiated. Why would the existing EU nations (of which Scotland is not) take on the additional risk and uncertainty for zero benefit to themselves?
2. Our defence force would be reliant on back-up from the UK who we have decided to break away from – why would they help a country who has decided they have no need to be part of the UK? Are you ok with sitting back and watching what is happening in Iraq at the minute? It seems to me that the Yes campaign is only out for themselves and would basically be saying, tough**** innocent civilians of Iraq, we only care about our own interests.
3. A currency union isn’t actually required but they we would be exposed to the UK’s fiscal policy which has been decided by the UK for the remaining parts of the UK. How is that independence? Would you care to remind me who owns the banks which currently print the pound sterling in Scotland? The currency we use IS a MASSIVE issue but obviously wing over Scotland have told you otherwise?

Anonymous said...

@ Richard H

When we gain independence our membership of the EU will have to be renegotiated but we will not be kicked out. It would seem from the recent EU elections that there is a growing body of people in England who want to leave the EU. Scotland benefits from being in the EU and the only way to ensure our future is to vote Yes. There is every likelihood that at the next Westminster general election we could see a Tory/Ukip coalition. This I would suggest will see the end of the UK being a member state

Our defense force might be reliant on backup, as even the largest of defense forces such as the USA has called on the likes of the UK to join it in wars such as Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern conflicts. But I would suggest that Scotland wouldn’t engage in wars in the same way as the UK has. We won’t have a nuclear capability that is costing the UK taxpayer billions of pounds with Trident and putting so many lives at risk in Scotland through the possibility of nuclear accidents. I suspect that our largest defense force would be our navy albeit a small one

A currency union has been suggested by the SNP, as it is the most sensible route for all sides, although I appreciate unionists are keen to argue against this option as yet another way of making people afraid of independence. In the longer term I would suggest Scotland would have it’s own currency

Investors who come from all over the world not just one country own banks

Could you give us evidence whereby Wings over Scotland: has ‘lied’ please? You also state that it’s a ‘myth creating’ site but no-doubt you can back this up

For many people it’s one of several internet sources that brings independence information from the prospective of being pro Yes. At the moment all newspapers bar one are unionist and without such sites folk would be unable to gain a fair perspective on the independence issue

Likewise this very blog has tried to get across a balanced debate at its recent Undecided meeting

People do need more facts and not the usual fear mongering which seems to have tinged the debate so far from Westminster

I for one want a better, fairer Scotland, and don’t want to face more years of being ruled by Tory Westminster governments who’ve given us items such as the poll tax and latterly the bedroom tax. Only a Yes vote can free us of this forever

Graisg said...

@ Richard H - I follow most of what you say re your views on Winsg Over Scotland site (a bit heavy but publishable perhaps) but I've no idea of who Campbell Gunn is and if you say he did something then we would have to check that - Can you provide sources/links etc so we can consider your piece a bit more.
You see we would like to publish information on the referendum here not accusations. People can go and read stuff about cybernats and the reverse of that somewhere else.