Thursday, June 19, 2014

Giant Kites@Nairn Beach 2014 - video

Andrew Beattie of Tug kites is set to become a familiar figure on Wednesdays on the Links at Nairn throughout the summer with his large, inflatable display kites. When we say large – we mean large! Made of rip stop nylon material similar to parachutes and modern tents these things are massive and yesterday the Mantra ray and Tiger could be seen from all over Nairn bobbing and floating in the sky.

Andrew said that the kites need a certain amount of wind and he certainly couldn’t have wished for better conditions for his first visit. Blue skies, a light breeze and the stunning backdrop of the Links and the Moray Firth created ideal conditions as the kites provided a simple but mesmerising and relaxing spectacle with the accompanying gentle rustling and fluttering sound of the kites capturing the wind.  Being by the sea we know how windy it can get but if does get too windy he said he has smaller display kites which he can use, for example the tiger has five cubs which can put in an appearance.

Andrew sells a smaller kite, the Rainbow Delta, and he will have these with him on Wednesdays or they can be purchased online.  Unlike some kites these only have one cross piece and are easy to assemble, and easy to fly.  

You can find more details on Andrew and his kites here.  Some images from yesterday available here on the Gurn flickr pages too. 

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