Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Miscellany

Kenny MacLeod captured the cricket action on the Links yesterday and also the Nairn Pipe Band playing together with the Aussies (Tumbarumba Pipes and Drums). Today (Sunday) is a bit damper but at least a drop of water prevents a total white-out at some strategic locations. Meanwhile parts of the busy Lochloy junction seems to be crumbling once again – time for another one of the regular patch-ups from Transport Scotland and their contractors? 

The Nairnshire Challenge took place today and the good weather earlier this morning didn’t hold out but at least it was cooler for the competitors. This observer managed to get an image of the first few cyclists on the final leg of their journey down to the Links – here they are one, two, three, four – hope we got that right :-). This massive charity event once again was successfully organised by the Rotary Club and they have it down to a fine art now as this image shows. Well done the Rotarians and all the competitors too. 

This interesting page was linked in conversation in the Nairn twittersphere – you can order from Mr Tan online now.  In a few years could it all be online like this and the busy scenes as Nairnites pop down for their take-aways simply a memory of the old days? Finally another chapter in the cycle of Nairn High Street premises has begun next door to the post office

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