Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nairn South aftermath- short reflection from Alastair Noble at Community Council meeting.

Alastair spoke on Tuesday night at the combined CC meeting at Nairn Academy he said:

“It does really make you wonder what the planners and Tech Services were doing that this got as far as it got. Now I don’t know the outcome of the thing but certainly the more you went into the whole traffic issue and more you tried to pin down what was in the master plan, which is another very elastic concept, the more worried I think we all got. We certainly welcome the fact that the Council are looking at the role of planning and the role of Tech Services. I think it is quite worrying from our point of view what’s going on. [...]”

Alistair then criticised the “cavalier way” fundamental questions of safety were ignored “around that particular bit of Nairn” and he went on:

“And the idea that that was a typical road that could be used as a typical road was so divorced from reality. We really need to have a really good look. We really look forward to seeing the outcome of the review that Highland Council are doing into the role of planning and the role of Tech Services on these sort of issues because there’s an awful lot of Nairn time and effort been wasted on Sandown and now Nairn South, when we hoped that better planning and better technical support would have solved that before it ever started.” 

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