Monday, June 09, 2014

Nairn South hearing - a slightly bizzare twist - also more images

This observer only had time to get to the hearing at around 3.45 p.m. and heard the Reporter talking about objectors being able to submit further written material at the end of the hearing if they felt disadvantaged. There was also mention of looking at a document overnight.

What had transpired was that the appellants replacement transport assessment (the one that objectors claimed made the whole deal a new application) was no longer part of the inquiry but only after everyone had spent a lot of the morning discussing it. The discussion tomorrow will now turn to the original transport assessment.  There seemed to be an atmosphere of confusion, amazement and several other emotions abroad amongst the ranks of the objectors. It all had an air of unreality to it - the objectors met afterwards in another room in the centre to consider the latest developments.
One told the Gurn that the proceedings were now a "sham" and another said: "New territory here, nobody here is quite sure where this progresses from here so it will be a very interesting day tomorrow and we'll see what happens."

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