Thursday, June 05, 2014

Police to test Nairn off-licences with young purchaser

Police Scotland Highland and Islands Division will be carrying out test purchasing operations in the Nairn-shire area in the coming weeks.

The scheme consists of a fully briefed teenager (under 18 years of age) entering off-sales premises under controlled conditions and in line with agreed guidelines to purchase alcohol.

If the proprietor does not ask the person their age and allows them to purchase alcohol they will be committing an offence, even if their excuse is that they thought they were 18.

Licence holders will not be duped into committing an offence because if they, as they should do, ask the age of the test purchaser then the youngsters will answer truthfully.

All those who hold licenses to sell alcohol in these areas should be reminded that they could face losing their license if they are caught selling alcohol to a minor.

Police would encourage anyone with information relating to alcohol sale to minors within the community to report it to Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


Anonymous said...

I can only guess it's a legal requirement to warn people that they're going to do this? Makes little sense to me

Anonymous said...

get the bobbies on duty at the lights to control traffic,and police the morons that park in disabled bays,disabled people pay £20 for the blue badge to park in disabled bays ,only for numpties to park in them free,

and while they're at it said...

Get these ******* cyclists off the pavements. I saw a young woman centimetres from getting knocked over yesterday by some pair (in their late twenties) cycling on the pavement by Pat Frasers. The cyclist nearly went over her handlebars. Stupidly, the pedestrian apologised to them! If it had been an old biddie they would have been knocked flying.

All ages are doing it, in all directions. Enough is enough. The High Stree is a one way system, get off the pavements and walk.

Anonymous said...

Agree with "and while they're at it" cyclists need to take more responsibility for their own and others safety in Nairn.

Police need to be more accertive and warn the offenders that it is an offence to cycle on pavements, however it is difficult for the cyclists on the main A96 and the dangers of the heavy lorries etc. Maybe they need to have a joint pavement cycle path on the A96 through the town with warnings to cyclist to give way to pedestrians.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with "and while they're at it. Along with that why do some motorists think its ok to park on the pavement, especially at a certain church on a Sunday. Do they think because they are in church makes it ok. Is Nairn becoming a "do what you like" with no regard for the law and other users.

Anonymous said...

Exactly id agree.

Graisg said...

@Jim, it's a lovely tale but if published it might lead to embarrassment to the individual concerned so sorry we can't use it.