Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Nairn South appeal hearing site visit - more pictures

Images of the appeal hearing site visit to Cawdor Road this morning. Individual images here.


John Urquhart said...

I had to go up Balblair road yesterday on route to Balnaspiral. About a mile up the road I came across the delegation about 20 in number walking on the wrong side of the road.

Anonymous said...

What I've not seen highlighted is the road layout under the railway bridge which seems to be encouraging a few drivers to speed up rather than slow down.

Some drivers heading towards the High St try and get under the bridge before vehicles (who have the right of way) coming in the opposite direction, and I have noticed cars heading towards the hospital also sometimes speed up going under the bridge

As a regular user of this route I've had to brake hard several times despite having right of way to avoid an oncoming vehicle

This practice of speeding is extremely dangerous as due to the camber of the road there is limited visibility of oncoming vehicles, with the added hazard on pedestrians on the narrow pavement

Before the new layout was installed under the bridge most drivers approached it with caution, that seems to have gone.

Whatever happens with regard South Nairn I would urge someone to have a serious look at the road layout under the bridge and make some changes before there is a serious accident