Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another close shave down at the East Beach?

This in from Neil tonight:

'While enjoying a chip supper from Friar Tucks this evening ( 7.50pm) down at the harbour as one does, I could see two people who looked to be in some distress on the sandbank to the west of the Old Bar, the tide was coming in fast and it was obvious the people were fast becoming trapped. As someone who had to get rescued from the same spot 30 years ago I know how dangerous an area it is and how fast the tide comes in.Made a 999 call to the Coast Guard who took immediate action.Coastguard was soon on the scene with the police, and the helicopter being scrambled. The two people trapped turned out to be two teenage boys who took the risk and swam from the sandbank back to the shore, a very risky manoeuvre as many years ago a family had been swept away to their death. After two more phone calls from the Coastguard to me I was informed the casualties were two teenage boys who were very wet and very cold but OK. The helicopter was cancelled. Maybe more warning signs are needed down in the area of the East Beach!

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