Friday, July 31, 2009

Sandown appeal by developer

In what may come as a surprise move to some, Deveron Highland have appealed the decision to refuse them planning permission for 500 plus homes on the Sandown site.
Here is the information on the Scottish Government's site. It seems the 'DEPA' have a target date of 21/04/09. No prizes for guessing this winter's top discussion topic in Nairn.
In today's' Inverness Courier spokesman Mark Cummings is quoted:
' The reason we have done this is because we feel we cannot go forward with Highland Council at this stage because of the inconsistency between officers and elected members.'
'We are committed to this scheme and have been for two years. The best route for us is to appeal and we are exercising that option. '
Spring 2010 and another public inquiry could be listening to the noisy activities of the seagulls on the community centre roof.

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