Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Pilgirmage is nigh!

Message from the pilgrims:
Dear Friends

We're about to embark on our Pilgrimage, safe in the knowledge that flash floods have already hit Nairn this month, and surely the same thing can't happen again...?

For those of you who are joining us in person, and haven't yet bought tickets, there are some still available at or to buy in person at Nairn Bookshop, but they're selling up fast!
For those of you who'd like to come and see us pull Screen Machine, or even join in the heave, some of our pulling locations are a little tricky to get to/park at, etc. and so for safety's sake we're not encouraging onlookers to those spots. However, if you find yourself in Strontian on Mon 3rd at 1.30pm, you'll see us pull Screen Machine out of town. On Tues 4th at 2pm we'll be pulling from the viewpoint on the B862, 5 miles out of Fort Augustus. On on Wed 5th at about 11.30am we'll be pulling along the driveway of Culloden Visitor Centre. Thanks to Highland Council and Contraflow Traffic Management!

But for the rest of you, those who are in far-flung places and unable to join us in person, please please check in to the website as each day of the journey we will be updating the Day By Day page with our photos, scrawlings, movie clips, sound recordings, dried flowers, brass rubbings, mathematical equations, sandwich crumbs and 20 pence pieces we lost down the back of the sofa years ago so's you can experience the delights and diversions, and even watch some of the films along with us.

Mark, Tilda and Matt

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