Thursday, July 02, 2009

An interesting thread continues

The most interesting thread on for some time continues with another very thought-provoking comment from Nairnac. Here's part of it:
'We have a growing town with falling school roll’s, which strikes me as a somewhat unhealthy situation. And I dispair over potential employment opportunities for young people in the area. I just can’t see where many of them can get any kind of employment with any prospects.
Nairn has a very divided population, split between the affluent retirees and the less than affluent locals and seldom do the twain seem to meet. It’s not just retirees from the colonies who desire ‘decent well-designed houses, in gardens and with green spaces’, local working people would like them just the same, unfortunately they’re unaffordable for most.'
You can see the whole post and comments on Brian's Balblair Project page.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed. Thank you Gurn.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Nairnac's comments, especially regarding the Council houses. We need proper houses as in Shanghai, Boathpark, Broadhill, Fraserpark, etc, and not flats. Run by the Council and not housing associations.

I remember when most people stayed in Council houses (pre-Achareidh) and it was very rare for someone to own their own house.

I bet there are a lot of people who wish they didn't have the worries of mortgages etc now.

Anonymous said...

falling school roll's (why the apostrophe? ) P.Edantic

Nairnac said...

coz i didn't pay enuff attenshun at skool

Anonymous said...

"falling school roll's (why the apostrophe? ) P.Edantic"

I never dropped any rolls when I was at school, but the odd apostrophe or two might have fallen :)

Ms. B. Can-Buttie

Nairnac said...

It's official - Nairn is deemed 'Not Affordable' - the 3rd most expensive seaside town in the country......

I'm off to join the dirty Wickers !

Note to the Gurnmeister - can you change the above link address into a hyperlink, or maybe start a new thread on this subject