Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Ceilidh is nigh - every Thursday night!

If you can't get a ticket to see the films then head for the Ceilidh!
The Nairn Ceilidh Group season has got off to a flying start with their Thursday evening ceilidhs at the British Legion.
Attendances at the first three ceilidhs are well up on previous years with all proceeds going to charity after deduction of expenses for some excellent bands whose members travel from Banffshire to Ross-shire to perform.
"We've had some youngsters from the the Nairn Feis performing this year and a display of Scottish country dancing and on July 30 we are very lucky to have John Carmichael's band from Glasgow doing a free gig for us," said a spokesman for the group
"Demand for tickets ( priced £5 as a one-off) will be high and that is expected to be a sell-out."
Suggestions that Brits could stay at home this year because of the recession seem to be borne out by attendances so far.
"We've had many visitors from all over the world and we find there are a lot of tourists from other parts of the UK.
"The local Lovat Lodge regularly supports the ceilidhs and we always receive a visit from the children from Belarus and their host families. That is always a very sepcial evening.
"The ceilidhs are a mix of tradtional Scottish music with dancing and piping throw-in and are great for people of all ages.
"It would be great if we could get some more locals and organisations to support the ceilidhs. If you have visitors this summer and want something to do pop along for the evening and you are assured of a warm welcome and great fun. At £2.50 entry you'll not be out of pocket." The ceilidhs commence at 8pm and end at 11pm in the Royal British Legion Highland Hall ever Thursday until September 10.
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Advertising Holly said...

Mr Gurn, is this not advertising? Do i not recall getting dissed about telling people "Whats on" in other pubs/clubs?

I see your "Whats on" Sections is filling up??????

Come on, does it not make sense to put all these things into a PROPER "Whats on" section and let the people who come on to your site use it as a sort of diary?

And no Nonsense about charity. All places are struggling so if you help them by advertising their "Function" then so be it.

Anonymous said...

mr holly does the money from functions in the star go to charity like the one in the seaforth ?