Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday night press review

The Nairnshire leads with 'A month's rain fell in only four hours', a comprehensive account of the deluge and the damage done. There's news about a by-pass line with Sandy saying that discussions he has had with the government are paying off. There's a bit more information about the close of the planning inquiry and the annual 'let's do something about seagulls' debate seems to have kicked off on page 6. There's a full page advertisement inviting you to go and meet the Scottish Conservate candidate, Jim Ferguson, at the Nairn Show. Just think there was Nairn Quine complaining that there was no big attraction on the program.
The Editor writes about the deluge and the gulls and there are four letters this week. One backing John Hart the Common Good fund campaigner, another from Brian Lynch detailing his powerfully articulated concerns about a recent important meeting between Highland Council and the Sandown developers and both Sandy and Graham tell the public why they were not at the Sainsbury's public inquiry.
The Nairnshire is the usual must have read of the week. You're too late to get one from the Co-op now but be first in the queue in the morning with your 40p for all that and more, including Mary Scanlon speaking out about why she supports the local press. It's a bargain, get into it!


Anonymous said...

Big Attraction?I doubt it.He might know his head from his arse though.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious - when do we hear the results of the Sainsburys public enquiry? Or did I miss it all on my week's hols?

- Brian

Anonymous said...

Hmm yes, the Nairnshire also know as the 2 minute silence! haha

Anonymous said...

Nairnshire = Worst Rag in Journalism!

Graisg said...

Pretty scathing comment there anon, Gurnmeister tends not to agree with that. Long live the Nairnshire!

Anonymous said...

Aye well said Graisg - the Nairnshire is what it is and it's a local buisness.