Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Street streetscape

Highland Council has placed a bid with the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Regeneration Fund to further streetscape the rest of the High Street beyond the planned phase two of Gordon Street and the square.
According to this
news release Highland Council is still seeking contractors to complete this next stage, but the tendering cut off date was at the beginning of April this year and no further tendering notices have as yet been published.
One shopkeeper was concerned that if the contract for the second phase went to a different contractor it might introduce non-matching materials in terms of the stone being used.
Hopefully at the end of the day everything will match!


Anonymous said...

What's the betting none of the stone will match and we will need to have the the whole lot redone!

Why is 'the square' getting a makeover, looks OK to me as it is now

Anonymous said...

I fail to see why the shopkeeper is so concerned,considering the fact that any of the materials used
on the brae, are just your common or garden varietys,and can be readily sourced at your nearest Builders Merchants.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that stone can differ in pattern and colour even it is from the same quarry and needs careful matching
Currently as it is so cheap some used in the UK is being sourced from as far away as China.
Gone are the days when some Caithness slabs might have done the job

Anonymous said...

Great is'nt it, when the Council are so enviromently correct now why localy sourced stone was not used.
Or are the enviromently friendly to the point where only cost matters - Hypocrits!

Nairn said...

The Gurn has highlighted issues with Highland Council before now that seemingly have been at odds. The no smoking policy but the council pension fund investing in tobacco was one that comes to mind.
With regard sourcing local goods or services I'm sure we as taxpayers would be the first to gurn if the council didn't go for the cheapest bid?
Are we prepared to pay more monies to our council so local businesses are supported, if so we really need to make our stance clear and with the current freeze on council tax we would get even less services