Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday night press review

They're gurning about the brae in the Nairnshire this week. It's a sort of souvenir edition celebrating the disaster that is the new-look brae. You'll have to get your deck-chair, a sleeping bag and a flask and head down the street now to join the queue to ensure that you get a copy this week, there will be a rush to read all the complaints about the brae. Here on the Gurn we've been saying that the whole thing was very silly right from the beginning. Nearly £200k to get rid of 7 parking spaces? There's a picture in the Nairnshire of a lorry mounting the pavement as it tries to get past vehicles in the loading/disabled bay. It's no fun to say 'told you so' is it? Next phase Gordon Street and the High Street? Oh what fun for years to come!
Iain Bain's editorial takes the whole thing to task too and the concept of 'consultation' that the Highland Council seems so happy with. Lots of other stuff in the Nairnshire, sorry no time to mention more here.
Good night Gurnites, happy reading of the local paper tomorrow if you haven't managed to get a copy tonight that is ;-)

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