Friday, July 17, 2009

The clearing up

A walk around the town shows the number of homes and businesses affected by last night’s rain.
Piles of sodden carpet are heaped outside, and pavements and roads are strewn with debris.
The river Nairn is in high spate, tree trunks can be seen on the beach and out at sea, and the brown river water stretches right along the west beach past the swimming baths.
The grass sledges on the Links might need some floatation as a new water feature has appeared!
TV crews are out and about so expect Nairn to be featured in this evening’s news bulletins.

Update: STV coverage
Metcheck is predicting 16.6 mm of rain tomorrow morning at around 10:00 (Just over half an inch)
Sandbags – once upon a time you could fill your sacks from the beach but you probably need a SEPA license these days for sand movement and something filled in in triplicate!
P&J coverage


Anonymous said...

Talking about SEPA.One resident in Fishertown was flooded by water coming back up the toilet and bath wastes.Could this be a result of sealing the Manhole Covers each side of the Merryton Bridge.They used to act as a release valve,when the pressure increased.Still,I suppose they know better.?

Anonymous said...

flood water coming back through waste pipes has been a common occurrence for years in the fishertown, don't suppose sealed drain covers help matters

Anonymous said...

This was a totally common occurrance in fishertown since my childhood days dating back to 1950 and obviously much longer than that..! we used to go out and play in the flood water (I was none the wiser then)

A lot of fishertown is at sea level and with the surges of water from higher up...? well there we are.

I hope no one has suffered too badly from the recent rains.