Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We got sunshine

Nairn may bask in more sunshine than Inverness but the city is just awash with supermarkets. Just to rub it in The Inverness Courier prints a size comparison for the proposed second Lidl store in the south of the city

‘The new Lidl store would be a lot smaller than the current 45,000 sq ft Tesco supermarket at Inshes Retail Park, but larger than the 8000 sq ft Somerfield supermarket in Nairn’

It’s good to know that our Somerfield store is useful for something!


Anonymous said...

With the vast range of stores of stores in Inverness it seems a bit nuts to use Nairn Somerfields to give an idea of size.
Perhaps the journalist is trying to drum up some tourist business for Nairn with bus loads of Invernessians traveling through to stop briefly at Somerfields with the words 'Our Lidls going to be bigger than that'

Anonymous said...

I remember when we had Coopers FineFare, run then by Chris and Jessie Peterson. Also Liptons, both a lot smaller than Somerfield but oh way way better!
Somerfield, a store with half empty shelves and overpriced stock, with staff ive not found particularly helful or friendly. As much as i hate Tesco's id go there before Somerfield anytime.
(Comment edited by iRight)

Anonymous said...

Aye liptons, Jimmy Gunn was manager there, those were the days when shopkeeping was a proffesion as opposed to the ethics involved nowadays

Anonymous said...

Definately "Local Knowledge" there,

George Burns said...

There was quite a few who have gone by the wayside :-
Jack Fraser, Wm Low, Rose Bros and all fell foul of the larger Supermarket and ultimately by the shopping habits of Nairnites.
If you want to keep your shops then try shopping in them or at least give them a 'turn'. Who knows the proprietors might manage to tart up their premises with the extra business.


Anonymous said...

Yes!Nice to see an all "local" comments section.

You might say, Real Nurn Gurns.