Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Painted Love

In a tradition going back several centuries a Gurn reader wonders if anyone can identify the trades folk who have signed their names on an inside house wall? The penciled signatures have come to light whilst the owner was decorating.
The painters in question are an A Geddes dated 25.11.78 and H Geld dated 06.03.94


Anonymous said...

Being a tradesman

I am aware this practice goes back centuries - but why so sure it is a tradesmans name opposed to previous occupiers doing a wee bit DIY...?

You should see the grafiti on the lead atop the toon clock.. a history book on its own especially if you new who the individuals were..!!

Nairn said...

I'm assured by the family concerned that these are indeed the marks of the trades folk who carried out the work.
Amazing the history you can uncover just by scraping off some paint or wallpaper!