Thursday, July 16, 2009

Devil is in the detail

Details published for the cost of the Brae upgrade suggest that a conservative estimate for the work is £170,000; the Brae covers just 180 feet. By my math (Did you ever go to school – Ed :) that means that the work on the Brae costs just under £5 million per mile of road.
Perhaps this is a bargain when you consider that the cost of building a mile of motorway in 2006
(Hansard) was £29.9 million
Highland Council has made a bid to the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Regeneration Fund for a further £1,327,000 to complete the revamp of the High Street, but going by the Brae costs will this sum be enough?


Anonymous said...

Seems a complete waste of money to me not to mention the inconvenience to the businesses on the brae.
What was wrong with just widining and re-taring the pavements, after all how many people walk around looking at the ground?
Ok maybe a few tight nairnites looking for some dropped coins haha.. (hopefully a undated new 20p)

Anonymous said...

Aye - the high street has died a death.
lets just face it and get on with
it, Nairn needs what other towns less our size have got- a supermarket who will sell what we require. after all the Nairn shops don't do that do they..!

Anonymous said...

The Brae looks better. I had hoped it would also be safer for pedestrians. When cycling up there today I noticed that cars actually go faster now because the lack of parking gives a clearer view. It should have been closed to traffic; after all, there is a simple alternative route.