Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The 2nd stage to replace the remaining elderly pontoons in Nairn harbour has started with the arrival of new units currently stored on the east harbour finger.
Highland Council awarded the contract to Hampshire firm Walcon Marine earlier this year.
Work to install the new pontoons is unlikely to start until October when it is hoped that many boats will have been craned out of the water for the winter, which will allow the installation to commence.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Forres company Varis Engineering tendered for the work?
It would have made much more sense for them to have been awarded the contract in terms of distance

Anonymous said...

My are they posh,handrails and all.Probably just for Sailing Club members though.Far too good for them,don't you think?.

Spurtle said...

The tendering process was open to anyone who wished to quote for the work. I believe Varis put in a quote but, given that they are spending our money , the Highland Council had to accept the lowest bid. Tax payers tend to shout at them if they do any different.

Many of the boats in the harbour do not belong to sailing club members & anyone can join the list to apply for a berth - more importantly though - these new pontoons and ramps will afford access to boats to people either not able to handle a 15 foot climb down a vertical ladder, or scared witless at the very thought of it.