Friday, July 17, 2009


Torrential downpours hit all of Nairn and the surrounding areas last night, accompanied by thunder and lightening. Many drains failed to cope with the shear volume of water, which led to flooding; fortunately for many fishertown homes the tide was low at the time of the worst downpours.

The BBC reports that Union Street was flooded, the full extent of the damage is not known as yet, but certainly many homes have been affected and crops have also suffered.

The weather prediction is for further rain with a large area of low pressure not starting to move away until Monday

Flooding update:

Nairn Tec Services have a limited number of sandbags available. Call the Nairn service point for details (Note: The phone line is very busy, you might be best to call in person)

Nairn Service Point

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Court House 
High Street
IV12 4AU

Tel: 01667 458500

Council Out of Hours Telephone Numbers:

  • Social Work / Roads, Flooding, Lighting - 0845 769 7284
  • Housing - 0845 700 2005


Anonymous said...

Worst flooding I have ever seen in Nairn with a river of water flowing down the High street across the A96 into Harbour Street
Nairn service point impossible to get through to

Anonymous said...

not affected by this at my end of Town, but congrats to the Gurn for providing all the vital phone numbers and advice