Saturday, July 11, 2009

Open Brae

Months of work and disruption, thousands and thousands of pounds spent, and the Brae is finally open to traffic. The now narrowed road has a speed limit of 20mph and sports pavement mounted signage (Will this prove a hazard for pedestrians?).
The East bound A96 is going to be extremely disrupted once Gordon Street is closed for the next phase of the streetscaping work, when traffic wanting to get to the High Street will be forced to use the Brae and will have to queue for a right turn on the A96. Businesses on the Brae suffered badly through the months of work; will business take a downturn for the whole High Street in the autumn with what will be limited access?
Still as you may see, the Brae is now greatly improved!


Anonymous said...

Should be fun with the bin lorry on monday then..!

Anonymous said...

Black Tar,with a few red Granite Chips on the road surface.What happened to the Granite Sets.Cheap Alterative?

Anonymous said...

What a waste of our money with as IRight says more to come when they start on Gordon Street.
I reckon everyone will just use the car parks and not even bother to try and get up the Brae if they close Gordon Street.
Mind you, if we could get Sainsbury's to build sooner rather than later they could just close the whole high street for good

Anonymous said...

Now there's a thought.Just leave it to the seagulls and crows.

Anonymous said...

We should be grateful that the work uncovered the rotting gas main which could have turned the Brae into a gaping hole had it been left and that added another month to the work
It cost £250000 plus whatever compensation the shopkeepers will get for some cobbled pavemnets and getting the street some new tar

boy from the black stuff said...

Gordon street could be covered in old rope as they will be getting another huge wedge of money to do that

growtosow said...

looks good came up it the day. ok for the horse and cart not sure about anything bigger than that time will tell folks.

bill mcdonald said...

having just spent a week with in Nairn on the annual holiday I am shocked by the negativity displayed on this thread!

As far as I can see the improvements are a valuable contribution to a flagging high street. The new paving is only detracted by the shabbiness of some of the store frontages.

As a first timer I entered Nairn with a sense of foreboding when greeted by the tatty superstore and associated buildings but soon became charmed by the open spaces and beaches.

I feel the shopping facilities badly let down a jewel on the Moray coast - I found the staff generally helpful but the shops often overpriced and shabby!

I will return ...maybe next year, I wonder if a difference will be seen or locals will still be bickering and bemoaning progress!

Faigh na's fearr !

Nairn said...


Rest assured that the great majority of Nairnites who post on the Gurn love the place!
The state of the High Street has been debated many a time, and indeed the general poor appearance of our town.
The open spaces and our beaches that you mention are our real assets, I hope you will return one day.
Meanwhile we will continue to gurn on the Gurn!

Anonymous said...


Fair comments...!

Don't underestimate the Gurn.. it is used by many and read by our councillors has become a very powerfull blog for peeps wishing to express their opinions..!

Just like yersell - cheers Bill

Anonymous said...

Didn't take long for the "Boy Racers" to have their Jollies.Someone is going to get hurt big time.U never see a bobby when you need one.