Sunday, July 05, 2009

Picture this

In an interview with The Sunday Mail cult photographer John Rankin states that he hopes to buy a ‘bolt hole’ in Nairn, Rankin originally from Glasgow has holidayed many times here as a child.
His photography covers a wide spectrum of subjects from rock to royalty; his latest project is
Rankin live.
Rankin has also shown an interest in property development, could his new Nairn 'bolt hole' include a new housing scheme?
The Gurn also wonders if Nairn Camera Club might have a new member, and will his presence in Nairn mean another patron for the Nairn arts scene?


Nairnac said...

What does the man who's got everything - bond girl supermodel wife, money no object jet-set celebrity lifestyle, friend of the rich and famous - want ?
A house in Nairn !!!
I'll watch out for them in the Canteen back bar.

growtosow said...

he may get some work from the nairnshire lorry gets stuck on the brae going to take a photograph