Sunday, July 19, 2009

NSPHC reveal new facility

The Nairnshire Society for the Protection of the Hooded Crow reveal today their prototype structure to protect the population of Hoodies on the River Nairn. Members were concerned that their favoured birds favourite lampposts might soon be chopped down to stop the Hoodies snacking on ducklings so they launched an emergency appeal and were able to build a structure at a secret experimental location on the Auldearn Burn. Should the Society's worst fears come true then a new home would be instantly available. Hopes are high that further fundraising will enable 250 of these structures to be built between the Howford and the Bailey Bridges.


Anonymous said...

Have they gone out to tender yet.?

growtosow said...

whats the council tax on them and have they got all mod cons or is it an outside loo.