Sunday, January 17, 2010

Correct Gaelic for the tweeterati!

This link might prove useful for the Gurnite Gaelic learners out there. Regular feeds of short 'natural' Gaelic sentences with pronunciation too. Seems like the site does what it says on the tin:

'A group of native Gaelic speakers from Skye, Uist, Islay, Barra, Lewis and Tiree, providing correct Gaelic phrases and translations on Twitter.' Here's where you can find the twitter page.


A Ma Core Mack said...

And just how do you get folk from Skye, Uist, Islay, Barra, Lewis and Tiree to agree as to what is the 'correct' Gaelic!?

Probably needs a great deal of funding if you ask me

Anonymous said...

Gaelic is never short of funding - save money and spend it on gritting?

Graisg said...

Well let's cancel Trident and stop the war in Afghanistan first shall we?