Monday, January 04, 2010

Inconsiderate parking

We've had a gurn in accompanied by a picture. The scene above is an image taken of the disabled parking bays behind the Courthouse. The problem here is that the car in the picture had not been reversed enough thus forcing pedestrians to have to tramp through an icy surface rather than the gritted path that the car was parked on top of. Please consider pedestrians when parking. We've heard too of similar silly parking round at Somerfield/Co-op too.

The complainant is in forgiving mood however and told the Gurn: 'This Gurnite would like to wish all readers a happy New Year, especially the owner of this car.'


Anonymous said...

On the subject of inconsiderate parking, I have a relative who is disabled and needs to use the disabled parking bays, we've noticed people who we know are not disabled parking in the bays and when challenged retort that they can't see any marks on the road which indicate disabled parking. When it was pointed out that there are notices on the wall they just shrugged and walked away. How selfish is that?

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that the pavements outside Somerfields and through to the High Street have been a bloody disgrace (I think Somerfields have responsiblity for that bit of path?) but it's even worse that they haven't bothered to make their disabled parking bays in their car park safe. Where's the customer service? Just shows what they think of their customers!

Anonymous said...

I suppose you could put the driver up
against the wall.They wouldn't do it again.