Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Important town centre 'open' meeting for businesses only?

A gurnite has pointed out that the advertisement heralding a meeting to discuss the High Street/Town Centre Redevelopment on Tuesday the 2nd February in the Courthouse at 7.00p p.m. bears the legend 'Open to all businesses' at the bottom. Our correspondent thinks that this in fact is a way of saying 'not open to anyone without a business'. Surely the future of the town centre is just as important for the customers of Nairn businesses as it is for the businesses themselves, especially those that live in the town centre. Here at the Gurn we take the view that the Streetscape is coming, desired or not, and there will be much complaint as the project has the potential to cause chaos during the summer season.

Maybe the Association of Nairn Businesses want to avoid a stushie but isn't it likely to provoke one if they have a private meeting with the Council on the future of the town centre? Perhaps there would be very few people that would be willing to turn up anyway but there will no doubt be a greater number willing to say they never got the chance to comment and willing to point fingers when the time comes. The meeting is after all being held in the Courthouse which is a public place and the heart of what is left of local democracy.


i said...

I suspect that the statement was meant to convey that it was open to all businesses - rather than to exclude any business or anyone. Don't think there will be someone at the door asking for your company details. I fear your correspondent has put a mischievous spin on this - but we'll see! I could be wrong.

David Brownless said...

We are holding this meeting to ensure that members of the Business Association are aware of the details and proposed timescale of the Streetscape project and, to make sure that as many High Street traders as possible are informed, we have opened it up to all businesses.

I don’t quite understand the reference to it being a ‘private meeting’ though ,as the Gurnmeister knows that the officer from the Highland Council giving the presentation next week has already given the same presentation to the Nairn Partnership/ Ward Forum. These regular events are open for any member of the public to attend (I would recommend they do so as they are often the best free evening’s entertainment in town :) ).

The Highland Council will be contacting residents directly to keep them informed and I’m sure the townsfolk will be informed as the project moves closer. A residents’ representative will also be involved in the Stakeholders group, I believe they will be selected through the Ward Forum

As a representative body for businesses in the town we simply want to ensure that as many people whose businesses may be impacted by the work are informed of the project before it starts.

It was pointed out in the original post that the Streetscape is going to happen, and this meeting is not being held to discuss its merits or otherwise. It is simply to explain the mechanics of the process eg. bidding , likely construction phases, programme etc...

On this understanding, the Association of Nairn Businesses is quite happy to welcome any interested member of the public, and particularly residents, to come along to meeting. Just to make sure that we can accommodate everyone would anyone who wants to come please contact me at Bikebug in Falconers Lane.

I trust the concerned ‘Gurnite’ will be at the front of the queue 

Anonymous said...

Very patronising David, maybe you need to get off that "we are the Nairn buisness people" stage that exists.

Remember Sainsbury's is coming to town - and they will draw some more competition with them..!

Shoppers gain..!

Graisg said...

I don't think David is patronising, we all have faults as human beings maybe David would be the first to admit his lol. I think it might be better to advertise the meeting as open to anyone because as I've said before there are folk ready and willing to 'kick off' about the streetscape - why make the inevitable even worse?

David Brownless said...

Should I choose to list my faults I fear the list would be so long that the internet would meltdown.

Strange how, after opening the meeting up to anyone who has an interest, I am accused of being patronising.What a funny old world : )

The Council are responsible for keeping the residents of the town informed about the Streetscape & the ANB are keeping the businesses informed but, as I've already said , I'm happy to open the meeting up to anyone who wants to come.

So just to clarify , for 'Anonymous' that , if they want to come , they are welcome.

I look forward to seeing them at the Court House next Tuesday, though, of course, I won't know who they are : )