Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Highland Christmas - praise for Nairn out there in the blogosphere!

Just came across the following:

'For Christmas weekend Mom and I booked a holiday package at a resort in Nairn (just east of Inverness if you know something of Scottish geography) and after a wee mishap with taking the train we made it to the beautiful sea town and Golf View Hotel which was incredible!!! Imagine hot breakfast every morning, afternoon tea, and four course meals every evening (except on Christmas when it was a five course lunch!) I could get used to this treatment. While most of the people there were a little older than us (yes that includes my mom) it just made me think "man am I ready for retirement!" All kidding aside it was a nice break and the town of Nairn was so pleasant we went shopping down the main street and everyone loved that Americans were visiting Nairn over Christmas (really makes you feel appreciated!).'

It had been posted on a blog called Tales of My Scottish Adventures.

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