Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seafront at its coldest

Thanks to Marie at scotlandmadeeasy.co. uk for the picture.


East Ender said...

I thought that was a grade 5 path but you can clearly see where there has been some snow clearing

West end as always gets the services

growtosow said...

my wife works at the golf view and the roads around their were bad also the pavements.

Anonymous said...

Aye - EastEnder whats that quip all about then..?

Anonymous said...

I think the Coucil could be off the hook this time.Looks as though Mr.
Spindrift has done the job for them.

marienairn said...

Maybe "grannie on her scooter" did it!!
You should have seen Albert Street - people from all over the area said that was the worst they had seen- a one way traffic lane on ice - I only got out this weekend since before Christmas but great community spirit in the West End! Go for it neighbours!! Great "neighbourhood help" here! Maybe several "grannies" cleared the Promenade!!
We need that all round town!
From a fulltime working pensioner -- not on the scooter yet though!