Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nairnac on curling

Greetings Gurnsters,

After reading about the cancellation of the grand curling match at Lake of Menteith due to real or imagined Health and Safety fears, I was just thinking that with the current freezing conditions it seems an opportunity has been missed to put the outdoor curling rink in the corner of the showfield into use. It even has floodlighting at it (which may or may not actually work).
It might have brought a few visitors to the town and made for a bit of a spectacle.

I can't say I'm aware of it ever actually being used, but I'm sure some of the knowledgable gurners can give a potted history of it.

Attached is a photo of the rink which some folk might not even realise exists.


UPDATE Monday morning: Well done the Curling rebels!

'It is a thoroughly Scottish rebellion: thousands of renegade curling fans defying a health and safety warning to stage a national meeting on the Lake of Menteith.' More on the Herald site.


iceroadtrucker said...

The Showfield rink was the home of Nairn Curling Club for most of the century until Inverness Ice Rink opened in the 60's when it fell into disuse. It was however completely refurbished only a few years ago by the Club and theoretically should be playable, although the present generation of Nairn curlers seem less keen on the outdoor game.
In the early 90's the old Ardclach curling pond at Achnatone was cleared of weeds thanks to Michael Jack and for a few years provided a wonderfully atmospheric outdoor venue. memorably about 1991 a hundred or so curlers and families converged for a spectacular New Year's bonspiel.
The cancellation of the Grand Match for "Health & Safety" is a national disaster. Curling, the game Scotland gave to the world ,(Although most of the world didn't want it) will never be the same again. The Grand Match is for many a once in a lifetime experience and the powres that be should move mountains to try and let it happen, rather than cancel it. The publicity for Scotland would be fantastic, and curlers are quite capable of taking care of themselves, and have no need for certain authorities to "Guarantee their safety".
It looks like one of Scotland's great events will never happen again.

Canuck said...

It's probably to cold outside to actually enjoy outdoor curling here in Canada but it would be a lot of fun!
Oh yeah and Canada owns the sport now Iceroadtrucker! :P

Ewan said...

Hi Gurn,

If I recall correctly the curling rink at the showfield was repaired and
flood lit a few years back. The Nairn fire station supplied the water
for the rink at the time. I belive that their was a permenant water
supply installed later. I think if you got in touch with Willie Barron
at the fire station (Thursday night training or when there is a call
out) he might be able able to give you some more information. Also
maybe some af the local curlers could help. (Robbie Cope, Gregor Munro)



Anonymous said...

Curlers would be too nackered after clearing the snow to play I reckon..!

Or should the Council clear the snow for the curlers - that would upset a few in Nairn eh.!!