Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Employment disaster for Nairn - up to 65 jobs to go at Claymore Creamery

Breaking news on the Highland News site:

'UP to 65 jobs are to go at a Highland dairy as work is shifted to southern Scotland.

Staff at the Claymore Creamery on the Balmakeith Industrial Estate in Nairn are braced for big cuts after a management buyout was announced.
The creamery, owned by Arla Foods, employs more than 100 staff and is one of the town's biggest employers.'

More here on the Highland News site: 'Jobs axe shock at North dairy'


growtosow said...

not good news for nairn or for the workforce. as not a lot of jobs in nairn now or the rest of the uk for that matter. been in this position a few times so can appreciate how they feel.

APTSec said...

Does anyone know why the jobs are being relocated to Southern Scotland?

Graisg said...

At the back of all this is the undeniable fact that Dairy farming in the North has been in decline.
The HN article and another in the P&J talk about some of the spin relating to the economic factors.

Anonymous said...

As stated in the press there is
a management buyout how can they
compete with the big boys [Wisemans
Dairies as an example ] i think things will turn sour!!.
from Ernie who used to be the fastest milkman