Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A railway link for Nairn harbour?

The Gurn is delighted to present the first of a series of articles by Irene Main Mackintosh (author of 'Street Names of Nairn')

Today we cannot get a much needed bus service down to the Fishertown, but who would have thought in 1863 the Provost and Councillors of our town were engaged in discussions to have a railway line built down to the Harbour under the auspices of the Morayshire Railway Bill

24TH. MARCH 1863


A public meeting of the people of Nairn was held there on Thursday last, for the purpose of considering, and if so resolved, petitioning Parliament regarding the Morayshire Railway Bill, which has for its object the establishment of a steam boat communication between Lossiemouth and other places on the north and south side of the Moray Firth. Lt. Col. Alexander Findlay of Millbank, Provost, was unanimously elected chairman of the meeting, and he called on Provost Grant of Elgin to explain the object of the bill and nature of the opposition made to it, which he did at great length. It was then moved by Mr.Ketchen that the meeting petition Parliament in favour of the bill, whereupon it was moved by an amendment by Mr. Davidson, town

Clerk, seconded by Mr. Hugh Mann, that the meeting, while deprecating the opposition which in the case of said bill had been offered by the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway Company and others to the free navigation of the Moray Firth, is of opinion that of all the ports on the south side, Nairn is the one best suited for a steam-boat, communication with the northern shores; that, the first step towards this communication, and one which irrespective thereof is of great importance, is a railway connection with the harbour of Nairn; and that the chairman be therefore requested to make a representation to this effect to the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction and Great North of Scotland Railway Companies, with a request that one or both of them will establish such a connection with the least possible delay. After full

discussion Mr. Ketchen withdrew his motion, and the amendment was carried. The

best thanks of the meeting were then voted to Provost Grant for his lucid explanation and to Col. Findlay for his conduct in the chair, and the meeting separated.

Irene Main Mackintosh


Dr Beeching said...

I bet if it had of been built trains would currently be cancelled due to wrong type of snow!

growtosow said...

the other one being leafs on the line. the next train leaves for fishertown in 5mins all aboard folks don't miss the gravy train.

Anonymous said...

They can't even get a Mini Bus for Fishertown,never mind a train.

growtosow said...

yea not good when you think that you can get a bus too boathpark and they are quite often. not sure why they can not get a bus service for fishertown. is it down too cost?