Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sarah's going to Nairn on holiday


David Brownless said...

It was all really credible..................until it got to the 'The local politicians are a bunch of cool dudes' bit : )

Perhaps you could produce a sequel , where Ms Palin plays the protagonist in a tense drama, pleading for a bit of common sense from the 'cool dudes' on the matter of the Old Links school. I can see the storyboard now, as the crowds march down Grant Street , reminding the rapt viewer of one of the crowd scenes from 'Les Mis', as they spearhead the campaign to prevent the demise of one of the last remaining cornerstones of Fishertown.

Or even a desperately depressing past-apocalyptic threequal, where she sits, like a female Bruce Willis, atop a pile of smoking rubble that used to be the school, sobbing ,and blowing her nose on her soot smeared vest.

( I sincerely hope the third part of the trilogy is never made) : )

wee eck said...

When's she arriving? Just so I can book a flight to Alaska

Anonymous said...

Is it The Jeff & Sheena Baker
Show ?

Iain said...

Absolutely brilliant!