Friday, January 08, 2010

Nairn is fabulous

'Nairn is fabulous,' says Rosemary Young and she sends the Gurn this picture to prove her point. Even though it was cold Rosemary thought there would be more around to see the sunset. The usual suspects usually head for the harbour area when the prospects look good Rosemary. I was on the way there myself but stopped off for tea and apple cake at a friend's on the way down and missed it too.


growtosow said...

have too agree with that nairn is fabulous. this brings me on too while i was working at the golf view i would often get guests saying how lucky too be working in these surroundings but its not only working here but staying here as well. nairn is what we make it

marienairn said...

Exactly - Nairn is what we make it!! As is life!!
What you put in - you get out!! Good saying!

Good/ bad? Interesting/boring?
Lots of things to do or not?

The town needs lots of support by locals so take an interest!!

Nairn is a place to be proud of - are you -- in South Africa/Australia/New Zealand/Canada/US ---where?