Monday, January 18, 2010

Harbour Street Stores closing Friday

If you haven't been down Harbour Street for a while why not pop down one last time to experience the last old style shoppie in Nairn. It'll soon be gone and it'll be missed.


Jim said...

Very, very sorry to see the last of the independent 'grocery and general' shops close. The MacPhersons have always worked hard and long in their store. It's always sad when no-one else is able to take a business on.

They have a visible position, and plenty of potential custom within walking distance. The problems are of course, their lack of salesfloor space to display their wide stockrange, those double yellow lines outside, and the competition in the town, er, the co-op (1) v. the co-op (2) v. the co-op (3 - up from Edinburgh)

The third week of January is traditionally the worst sales of the grocery year (after that, the monthly pay cheques are in) when things look at their worst. The coming of Sainsbury can only be the final straw.

So thanks to them for 15 years of service to the town,and good luck with whatever they do next.

Anonymous said...

A sad day indeed. Yet another piece of Fishertown tradition and a few friendly 'well kent' faces that'll be no longer seen on the far side of the counter, weighing out a quarter of soor plums.

The older folk in Fishertown will miss the shop greatly, possibly even more than the post office but, as I suppose there'll be some who say it's progress.What is it they call it ?... 'market forces'

I wonder if some of the poeple who supported the out of town supermarket so vocally can arrange for a Sainsbury's to lay on a bus , so all the Fisher folk can get their messages in the future.

I loved the selection of crisps holly said...

I was under the impression that someone was taking this shop over, although it was going to close for a few weeks. Can the Gurn investigate this to see if this "Takeover" has fallen through?

Anonymous said...

I remember when Charlie Singer had the shop, open 7 days a week he was.

All Credit to MacPhersons they really provided a first class establishment.

Just look at the exterior of the shop, some of the shops in the high street would have done well to follow this example of maintainance

Crystal Ball said...

Rest assured Anon.Your wish will be granted.

growtosow said...

yea painting the town red sounds like a good idea too me. who has the paint bombs. quite a few of the shops on the high street could do with a lick of paint.

growtosow said...

can you tell us the winning numbers on the lottery this weekend crystal ball cheers

Crystal Ball said...

OK growtosow! Put it in writing,and I will tell you on Sunday morning.
How's that suit you.?

Graisg said...

Thanks for other comments received re this post. They won't be published however, I just feel it inappropriate to analyse this business and reasons for closure any further.