Monday, January 04, 2010

Frozen jobbies start stacking up

Obviously other issues are taking priority at the moment but once the thaw starts the council will have to be quick off the mark in tackling Nairn's doggie jobbie mountains.
Update: news reaches the Gurn of an emergency make over for the doggie bin.


Dedadocrafts said...

I have to say at least dog walkers are still picking up after their dogs in this weather where they could easily slip especially in the Achareidh Lane which I have been told is very slippery as it would be the last place to be gritted.

Anonymous said...

while out for a walk spotted
persons trying to put their doggies
mess in the photographed bin, got
talking to them & they mentioned
that they were up on holidays
with their 3 canine friends when i
left them they started singing
Strangers In The Shite.

Green Piece said...

When are we getting global warming back?

Anonymous said...

I hope he feeds the birds,or he will get his pecker pinched.

Canuck said...

New Job Posting for Nairn:
Needed one Poopsmith

Nairn said...

Sadly Canuck we already have many folk employed under the umbrella of Highland Council who are poop experts, but unfortunately mainly of the bull variety!

growtosow said...

your on the ball with that one. a lot of manure about and not a lot else. i think they may be busy on their blackberrys. inportant stuff facebook myspace. keeping it real.