Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Save The Old Links School - take 2!

This ad in the Nairnshire says it all really. Seems like Groundhog day again. Things are tough yes but surely this part of the Fishertown can be saved? What sort of redevelopment would we see?


Anonymous said...

Has this now become an annual event?

How many times does the community have to voice the fact that we don't want it sold?!

Perhaps this time it's too late and the decision has already been made for us?

Anonymous said...

Highland Council officers (asset management) are deeply stripping Council assets to save on future maintainance.

I would assume that in order to save "my old school" from the bulldozer, one would have to ensure income is "much greater" than "expenditure" to keep the building viable, after all it is all about cash nothing more!

Is the old building utilised for for the majority of the day - i.e. 9hrs a day - 5 days a week 47 weeks per year??

Thats what it is going to take to keep it open, even then if it is totally self financing.

I think the new Comm centre has dealt the death nail I'm afraid, always be carefull what you wish for I say - after all the Comm Ed officer that used the building wished for just that - a modern do it all building where everything can be housed under one roof..!

I honestly think it will be a hard fight to justify even though I would like it remain.

Graisg said...

According to Gurn sources the problem is with the roof, cash would have to be found this time and that would mean fund-raising from the community.
If you're going along to take 2 then you will have to be prepared to do a bit more than shout at Sandy Park this time - ideas and initiatives will be needed.
Perhaps we could get the building listed that way at least if the remaining functions were to disappear at least whoever developed the site would have to keep true to the look of the building - that might be the best option I'm afraid.

Spare some change said...

Could Highland Council not sell the bandstand, as far as I know it's not used much and is a prime site for development

Now that many functions of Nairn council have been centralised to Inverness there must be a few High Street buildings the council could sell off as well?

If we're really lucky the council might give Nairn a few pennies from such sales which can go towards paying off the new'ish community centre

Then there's the A96 part of which is currently up for tender for repair in Nairn, how about a toll booth to raise funds for that?

The possibility of fund raising for items that the council has traditionally paid for is endless

End Council tax now!

Anonymous said...

But can the new Community Centre accomodate the things that happen in the Links school?

Anonymous said...

Please sign the petition that has been started,there are copies in some shops in Nairn and the Post office as well as the outlying areas eg. Auldearn Croy.

Graisg said...

If you think it will do any good e-mail a copy to the Gurn and we will put it up on line for people to download and print off.

Archie Tect said...

Graisg's comment is very apt:
If you're going along to take 2 then you will have to be prepared to do a bit more than shout at Sandy Park this time - ideas and initiatives will be needed.

We need to preserve - and more important, to use - Nairn's historic buildings. The crunch point is - if folk want to "save" this building, then they have to be very clear what it's being saved for, and who is going to take responsibility for maintaining and looking after it.

Anonymous said...

All kinds of things it could be saved for, the Fishertoon needs

Bus Stop
Taxi Office
Carry Oot
Arts Centre
Highland Council Office
Day Centre
Travel Agent
Post Office
Fish munger
Candle maker
Gaelic school
Recording Studio

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 8:26 & Archie Tect.

Presumably the proposed meeting is to form an action plan with full support and proposals from our elected members.

little point otherwise..!

In the know said...

No its not a done deal and is very much an open meeting.

The NHS is the tenant at the moment and the main user for some of its services.

The NHS is worried that long term the building needs major maintenance and doesn't want to foot the bill...

A community buyout would raise grant and lottery funding to improve the building and rent out space to users.

Question is, who will lead the project?