Thursday, January 07, 2010

Grantown Council Tax Strike - could it spread?

'Residents have been urged to refuse to pay council tax for a month in protest over the level of snow clearing on roads in and around their village.
The Grantown on Spey Highland Council Tax Strike has been launched on the social networking website Facebook. '
So says the BBC, a quick search on Facebook finds nothing however. Will a non-payment campaign have legs or die a quick death?

UPDATE: a head of steam seems to be building up here and there on Facebook as regards to gritting or the perceived lack of it in Scotland and the UK. I can't help feeling that perhaps one or two people have more than a little antipathy towards their councils and may be using this issue to vent their more wider feelings. People are struggling in the recession and they look at those working in the public sector, often with better terms and conditions and pension schemes and they can become angry.  Take Highland Council for example, hardly universally popular in the Nairn area, is it surprising that people are likely to vent their spleen? Anyway here's some links to what's building up on Facebook:


Anonymous said...

Can it be spread instead of salt?

Iain said...

Sometimes I do despair about the attitudes of some people. Long range forecasts were for a mild winter. They got it wrong and I guess Councils planned on that basis. The cold weather has been exceptional and I don't think we can blame councils for not gritting every path and alleyway. They are working round the clock as it is. If these people push this much more they will have another £50.00 on their Council Tax next year. Would they be happy with that?

Muffin the mule said...

Aren't the Lib Dems (Danny Alexander) calling for a large hike in our council taxes?

As for folk being happy, sadly some will never be whatever you do

Anonymous said...

To reply to Iain i would gladly pay
another £50.00 if it would ease
the burden if this was ever to happen again there are many elderly
persons on our street who are frightened to go out due to the
treacherous conditions, a lady fell
& knocked her head & needed medical
attention its a horrible sight to
see an old person in distress,
its about a pound a week extra that would be have to be paid on your Council Tax a small price to
pay if it helped the elderly at least manage to get their messages

Clock Watcher said...

Iain,I think that must have been a Square Clock,and they got stuck at the corner.Anything over 8hrs is what
you call overtime.Nice if you can get
it,in these hard times.?

slush puppy said...

Clearly we need a council slush fund in Nairn, and each year it's not used it goes towards paying for the community centre