Saturday, January 02, 2010

Dangerous pavements - Groundhog day? Nearly, but whiter this time?

Long time readers will remember the Gurn's article about the state of the pavements in the town centre last year and how pedestrians were risking the roads instead of the black ice on the pavements. Exactly one year on and we have a similar scene although a few folk do seem keener to risk the pavements this time round but they are in the minority.

A couple of shopkeepers have cleared some snow/ice on the pavements in front of their shops but conditions are still dangerous in most of the town centre. For those interested in the subject here's a few pictures showing how once again in 2010 those on foot are abandoning the pavements on the second day of the year. No doubt there will once again be more debate in the local press on this issue. There is also comment and debate in articles below about whether we should take more responsibility ourselves when it comes to clearing snow.

New to the Gurn? Just surfing through? See pictures of many of the events that took place in Nairn in 2009 - perhaps you might be enticed into coming here on holiday?


growtosow said...

a word of warning on the main road. their are now more big pot holes they are at the west end garage coming from the tradespark end of town. beware also before you come too pigstreet from inverness very bad. also coming over the bridge ashers court some bad ones their. and just before the hardmuir going too elgin.this could be the weather conditions that are causing it. i would take on this part of the road. repair bills too vehicles could cost a lot.

Lee said...

The state of the paths on the High Street is an absolute disgrace and the council should be ashamed of themselves for not treating it. At the end of the day it is the responibility of them not the shop keepers and the buck stops with them for failing to do their duties for public safety.

Today my grandfather fell in the High Street and was lucky to escape serious injury, How would the council feel if another pensioner fell in the High Street and was'nt as lucky.

That Ice IS going to result in a death if the council don't start to pull their finger out and do their public duty.

Canuck said...

Over the pond in Canada we have these little things called Yaktrax that slip over your winter shoes to create traction on even the iciest of days. I highly recommend them if you have elderly parents or friends who have difficulty with all this ice you seem to be getting.

good luck with the pot holes our town resembles the surface of the moon. Low profile tires beware!

Nairn said...

We too have Yaktrax Canuck on this side of the pond and they are very good.
Maybe not too many folk invest in them as we only usually have this kind of weather for a couple of days, mind you I'm glad I've got some as what they cost is nothing to having a broken limb from slipping on the ice!

growtosow said...

just been having look at them. they look like a good idea. not sure on the cost but if this year is anything too go by could well be worth buying.

Dedadocrafts said...

I have to say when my parents owned shops in Nairn the council always said they werent to touch the pavements outside their shops as they would be held responsible for anyone slipping and that it was the councils job to deal with them.
So why arent they. I cant get out and about after having an accident before the snow but im stuck in the house as the back path is a nightare and hasnt been touched enough for the conditions.
I have a wheelchair but it wont go forward or backwards in this weather and I cant use my crutches I would end up back in raigmore.
I am lucky I have family and family that can get items for me but for those people that havent got someone to do this for them will be stuck