Friday, January 22, 2010

Was the bad weather good for the High Street?

It seems to have helped in Forres:

'WHILE Forres's blanket of snow brought misery to many, there is one group of people with cause to celebrate the weather, other than the winter-sports enthusiasts - the town's shopkeepers.
Retailers along the High Street and beyond have told the "Forres Gazette" that the town's citizens have been making regular trips through their doors and, in many cases, sales are up on last year.
Many shops have also reported that slightly more unusual items have been flying off the shelves during the Arctic weather.'
More here.


rob said...

The one thng this article shows is what a decent little local news paper Forres have in stark contrast to the outdated out of touch comic we lovingly refer to as the Nairnshire!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rob although I would never miss a copy of the Nairnshire

It was obvious from the article you highlighted that the FG had taken the initiative and contacted local businesses

In Nairn it is us who hold the responsibility to contact a certain editor!

Graisg said...

Most stuff seems to get to the Nairnshire one way or another. Lots of news this week too, maybe will do a review of the paper soon.
Of course if anyone is not happy with the local paper you are only a few clicks away from putting your own news on-line for anyone that is interested in reading about your points of view.
Just have a look in the Gurn side-bar and you can see others that have taken that option for various reasons.

rob said...

I think the point is that the
Nairnshire although quaint and a good chuckle for a couple of minutes often entirely misses news worthy stories or reports them weeks later. The fact that the Nairnshire does not even have an on line presence speaks volumes.

A part of me would hate to see the old format go but would love a more pertinent and journalistic approach, I dont know what the current readership is but im sure it could be improved and greater advertising revenues achieved?

Maybe the gurn could carry out one of their infamous scientifically proven polls!?

Graisg said...

The Nairnshire's lack of an on-line presence has been covered on the Gurn and elsewhere before Rob. Basically many newspapers are finding that it doesn't pay to give away news free on-line and they are facing great challenges on account of this.
If the Nairnshire doesn't want to go on-line then fair enough :-)