Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to the wisdom of Iain Bain

Sorry no review of the local press this week but we'd like to take you back to the Nairnshire of the 6th of July. Here we've often stated that the community has to do more for itself as the Highland Council quite often seems to have an agenda that is not synonymous with the interests of Nairn. Basically if we had a democratically elected organisation that represented the town then we would have the perfect vehicle to organise a lot more for ourselves. If the three Community Councils were combined then that vehicle would be born - A Royal Burgh of Nairn Council! Anyway let's examine a piece of Iain Bain's editorial from two editions ago (he's referring to the cuts Ward Forum meeting here):

'And those who studied the documents put before them will have noted the increasing role of a voluntary sector. Where we were sitting last week, the talk was of how much further such an extension could continue in a place like Nairn where bodies like the Sports Council and museum already work on that basis. There is a huge demand on volunteers' time and where would the people come from to man the boards of the non-profit making and charitable companies that would run former council functions? One suggestion was that in a small, compact place like Niarn, one board might cover a number of functions. And what would that look like? Very much like a district or burgh council! Aye, it all comes around. We thought it would, in the end.'

Iain Bain hopefully senses the inevitable in the wind.A single council for Nairn wouldn't cost too much at all, bear in mind it would be based on the amalgamation of the three existing community councils whose members give their service to the community for free. A single council would really help Nairn punch its weight in the world - if it doesn't happen we all lose out and an opportunity for the citizens of Nairn to address a democratic deficit that came into being with the loss of Nairn District Council will have been denied to us!


Duncan said...

The voluntary sector is called by the government "Scotland's Third Force" (i.e. after the public sector and the private sector).
Literally, what the government means "thank goddness we've got loads of folk willing to do public sector work for nothing!"

groupie said...

Is Iain still drumming for Runrig?