Monday, July 05, 2010

Nearly midnight local press review

Bus woes again on Page 1 of the Nairnshire. On page 2 a mention of the sudden death of Bruce Barron (a full obituary to follow), what the Suburban CC want to do about part of Sandown and news of two Culloden and Ardersier councillors and a complaint of bullying. Next on page 3 the question is asked ‘Will Sainsbury’s open for business in Easter?’ Further into the paper to find out more about the 200 homes proposal for Croy and the campaign against the plans. Another page is dedicated to the cuts meeting held last Wednesday evening.

The editorial this week is a treat with a analysis of the cuts meeting and a wry observation at the end. There’s another complaint about the seagull s**** in a letter to the editor and a picture of Micheal Maclellan’s recent charity marathon. All this and more including the usual sports pages.


Paraquat said...

Frontpage also contains details of the Nairn Police operation named 'Roundup'
This is not the boys in blue on weedkiller duties but apprehending underage drinkers
Alcohol is being marked in local off licences (Co-op, are there any others these days?)
Offenders are taken to the Police Station for parental collection or taken back home
I do hope that all parents in Nairn now remain cold sober when their children are out and about so that they are in a fit state to collect if necessary
Trust Nairn taxies won't suffer too much if youngsters are being offered free lifts by the Police to their doorstep?
And of course, we never ever drank when underage :-)

Land of oppurtunity said...

I wonder if any enterprising High Street bar might consider taking a few Monday night copies of The Nairnshire?

Some Monday evenings there's a small community of TNT twitchers awaiting delivery chatting away in the street outside of the Co-op

I'm sure most would welcome a friendly bar to have a seat, drink, and a talk with their fresh off the press copy of the Nairnie?