Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rosebank Church - 9 flats for 'low income/starters and downsizers'?

An application that seems to have already ticked a few boxes and found favour within Highland Council is the plan for the Rosebank Church to be converted into 9 flats. Here's the final paragraph of a supporting document submitted to the Council.
'Nairn has great communications and is not only sustainable but a chance to adaptively reuse and renew a well loved part of Nairn’s heritage. The building is in great need of extensive repairs and by making it economically viable to renew and upkeep its future will be guaranteed, and low income/starters and downsizers have a much needed option rather than the usual developers unsustainable, unaffordable new town that threaten the farm and greenbelts, and further undermine the town and city centres. Many other aspects of the proposal is sustainable and simple additions like rainwater barrels at rainwater leaders can be pointed to but the main bonuses of this renewal is the historic preservation, the densification and affordable accommodation it provides, within a sustainable development. '
The document then outlines the support from within Highland Council:'Kerry Barnett (Conservation Architect) at the conservation department of the Highland Council as well as planner Jim Harbison (in the Inverness area office) and both have been very supportive of the approach. '
It could be that a use has finally been found for the derelict Church? You can view all the documents and plans connected with this application here.


double yellow line said...

I for one would be pleased to see the building in use again, but where will the new residents park the 10-20 cars that they will probably own between them?

Graisg said...

Over at the bus station?

growtosow said...

one more building that can be used is good news for nairn. i only wish that the rest of the ones that are being left get used or pulled down. nairn needs a facelift and it is long overdue come on the famous four you need too get on the case push the co op.

James said...

looks good, id be interested in buying/renting

@double yellow line - the plans say that there would be possible parking developement for 6cars in the basement of the church