Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burnt boat leaving harbour

One of the destroyed boats being lifted out of the harour this afternoon. See article below for further details. You will see from the following pictures that the damage was not restricted to the boats that were destroyed. The Black Pig also got a scorching.

The float under the pontoon was badly damaged by the heat too.


Flying Dutchman said...

I sound like a badly corrupted mpg3 (2010 version of a stuck piece of vinyl) but how about some gates to stop folk wandering onto the pontoons?

Calls for this were met with two pieces of chain as security

Bikes are being ridden down the ramps onto the pontoons, tyre marks are clear to see where the riders have braked heavily in an attempt not to land in the harbour

I've yet to see the CCTV camera trained on the harbour

Perhaps the icing on the cake is that harbour users have faced increased charges year after year

How about just a little of this money coming back in the form of enhanced security, this time it was property that was damaged but next time it could be someone's life that is lost

I really don't want to be posting an 'I told you so' at some point in the future

Anonymous said...

CCTV was trained on the harbour this afternoon! Wonder why?

scotty said...

I am the boat owner of the Shetland 640 that is being towed up the ramp and to say I am totally gutted is an understatement!! Not only was I away at the time but have come back to a big bill from hendersons garage for the removal. I was down harbour yesterday and was suprised to see that camera was back facing up harbour street. Come on the security now needs to be addressed if not for the victims but for the people who's boats are still vulnerable in the water!!

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't much matter which way the CCTV camera pointed if the Council had fitted gates at the top of the ramps, and removed the ladder down to the first pontoon.

It's been proven in harbours, both locally and nationally, that the most effective deterrent to anyone likely to cause damage to boats, or themselves, is a physical barrier.