Monday, July 26, 2010

Dogs, no debate?

This in from John Maher referring to a previous post on the Gurn concerning the lifting of the dog ban on the beach:

Not allowing comments on this posting. Are you frightened about a bit of debate?

Well it may have been illegal but given the miles of beach at either side of the central beach it seems a shame we can't have a small bit we can take our children to where there's no risk of stepping in dog crap and or being confronted by a large, excitable dog. The dog might not mean any harm but I don't know that, especially if it is a rottweiler, as happened last week, and it frightens my daughter. Not all owners are as responsible as you imagine. Still, I guess it's a small price to pay for their civil liberties.


Sometimes we don't allow comments on articles John, that's the way this blog is. Your point of view and further beyond that is well catered for over on Nairn matters however. Maybe raising the level of the dog jobbie fine to £500 for a first offender (litter too, especially broken glass) and doubling for each subsequent offence might encourage a few more people to pick turds up. I have to say also that I have heard one individual (a regular on the lower riverside walks) complain vociferously about this and a few days later I saw him allowing his dog to crap in a wooded area where he thought no one was watching.

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