Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lodghill Clinic Flats – the new planning battleground for Nairn?

Outspoken reactions in the Nairn blogosphere tonight with both and MyNairn voicing strong opinions over the plan for 11 flats on the Lodgehill Clinic site. The planning notice has only been served on neighbours on the 26th of this month and already strong objections have been received from James Wallace and Thomas Chambers, you can read them and see the plans etc here, (once on that page click on the documents tab and you will see that public comments are down at the bottom of the list.)
I see there is a complaint that the flats would be out of context with the rest of the area. Well the Clinic building surely is also out of character at the moment. Anyway those concerned by this development might want to consider approaching the Nairn Residents Concern Group for their thoughts on the matter. When the residents of Water Lane were threatened by overdevelopment that was also to be three stories high the help of the NRCG was invaluable. Everyone should also remember that you can make a comment/submission about any planning application in Nairn (whether for or against or indifferent) it isn’t limited to neighbours and you can have your say too.


Rackman said...

Flats for some reason seem to bring shock and horror to some folk, mainly I find those that are sitting comfortably in houses

They may appear an over development of a site, and bring a density of housing thats not popular, along with problems such as car parking, but flats are a much needed part of the housing market especially in Nairn where many younger people simply cannot afford to buy a house

Lodgehill clinic was pretty much a 9-5 operation so I can understand residents disquiet about the development of the site, but developers have obviously seen the chance to profit and I'm sure the finished properties will contain some very happy new property owners

Good points re planning and how we can all have a say not just those in adjacent properties

No Fixed Abode said...

This town of Nairn is full of winging gits who have bugger all else to do but moan, its now seems
compulsory for those who have moved to Nairn to have a very selfish attitude "Oh Im OK Jack"
& never give a thought for those less fortunate than them who cant even get or afford a mortgage to purchase an abode, the housing market states we badly need more affordable housing which has to be build somewhere but not at my backyard Mate!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's not just people who have moved to Nairn (how far back in history do you want to go?) who will be unhappy with this development as it currently stands.

If you look at the plans these flats will be three stories and far taller than any building around them, even Duchally House which is pretty big. I would have thought a more considered 2 story development would not have created such a reaction.

Maida Comment said...

It seems ironic that an area a few yards from where Dr Grigor had his surgery, and which up until the weekend was in medical and community use, is now a prime development site.

Is there really a shortage of flats in Nairn for the potentially 'happy new poperty owners' that Rackman mentions? (Interesting choice of name by the way!) It doesn't seem so from looking at the number of fixed priced properties on the market whereas office-type accommodation, which might provide new jobs, does seem to be in short supply. Couldn't the existing building have been smartened up and reused?

But what about the scale of the proposed flats with three storey buildings that look to be higher than anything else in the area and would be the dominant feature you'd see from the end of the High Street? And eleven flats on the relatively small Clinic site? Is that the way we want to see the centre of Nairn developed?

And in response to 'No Fixed Abode': yes, there does need to be a mix of housing for everyone in Nairn but does that necessarily mean that any site that becomes available should have a block of flats plonked on it regardless of the impact on those who live around or even walk past it, or on the overall character of the town? It's sometimes easy to be altruistic when you're not directly affected. Finally NFA, the majority of 'winging
gits' that I see in Nairn are seagulls, but they seem to be able to sort out their own housing needs!

Anonymous said...

Are all these 11 flats being built as low cost rented social housing then?

Graisg said...

I hope you all forward your views to the planning department, as mentioned in the article you can make comments on the application on line. It's good to get your feelings off your chest by girning on here but your voices count more is submitted as comemnts to Highland Council.
Personally going with anon at 12.37
' I would have thought a more considered 2 story development would not have created such a reaction.'
I think that's about right, time for a wee rethink from the developers.