Sunday, July 04, 2010

So easy to pin the blame on one person?

The above picture shows the People's take on the latest cuts news. There's a lot of material in the Sunday Press about Danny's 'prepare for 40% cuts' instruction. Now most people will realize that it is the entire Westminster Government that is is coming up the cuts agenda but so often it is easier just to blame one individual and Danny seems to be the target these days.
Danny the axeman?


Danny the mannie said...

Difficult not to think that the Lib Dems will get all the nasty jobs whilst in cahoots with the Tories, or would that be a conspiracy rather than a coalition?

Anonymous said...

Oh Danny Boy the cuts the cuts are coming from glen to glen & all
the countryside, so haste ye back
to get a rollicking from glen to glen & all the countryside.

Duncan said...

From being the press officer with the Cairngorm National Park to being the first Minister of the Treasury is a giant leap especially when he knows nothing about public finances This appointment could be catastrophic for Danny. Even though he may have the best civil servants to advise him, at the end of the day it is our Dan who will have to carry the can.

Fabianna Schweppes-Kradlekappe said...

I like him. He has strong chin. Who is he? I Would to like to go out with him sometime, if that OK?