Saturday, July 03, 2010

Cuts Ward Forum - another dissatisfied customer

This in from 'A Jury':

'Having studied the hand-outs from Wednesday's Ward Forum, I am amazed that Highland council should have such a low opinion of the intelligence of its electorate. They ask us to give opinions on topics where the basic information provided is insufficient to assess the problem, never mind propose a solution. What figures that were quoted were rounded up or down, perhaps because they feel we cannot cope with more than one decimal place.- but suggesting a rather slack approach to accuracy.

A relatively large proportion of the expenditure £14.6m. goes on computers, communications and technology. Is this new and expensive technology being used to reduce expenditure?

e.g. Video conferencing council debates, thus allowing members to remain in their constituencies, and saving expenses for travelling, meals and often overnight accommodation. Paperless billing of council tax, rents etc., saving on postage as well as office time. 

I noted that there was no mention of cutting members salaries and expenses. But then WE must put up with poorer education, less care for the elderly, closed libraries and swimming pools, not to mention smelly dustbins. After all THEY must have their meals accommodation and travel expenses. Why else are they in the job? 

Figuratively Speaking,

A Jury'

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Unknown said...

It's the Sam MacNaughton effect!
The public just don't understand these very complicated matters!